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The anti-Antypography.

Ken @ February 6, 2008 # One Comment

I created Antypography to help educate designers in a way that was hopefully different than just another web gallery of good/bad designs. Kyle Meyer, Elliot Jay Stocks and Rett Martin created Typesites with the same intent, but focusing on providing insightful critiques on well-crafted sites instead of ridiculing the mistakes of bad ones.Great idea. Great […]

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Forgive this designer for s/he has sinned.

Ken @ December 21, 2007 # Comments Off on Forgive this designer for s/he has sinned.

Jesus taught us to forgive, but it may not be humanly possible to forget the abomination that is this website. If you think the 3D type and screen shot are bad, behold the king (of quite possibly the worst website design ever) in all it’s animated gif glory. It’s mesmerizing.Seen on Command Shift 3.

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Tumblr will be right back.

Ken @ December 3, 2007 # Comments Off on Tumblr will be right back.

What a disappointment. Tumblr is such a nicely designed website, with well-crafted themes and all.  Well, I guess it’s too much to ask for real apostrophes on their maintenance page…three times, no less.

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Zappos succeeds by focusing on the customer, not good taste.

Ken @ December 3, 2007 # One Comment

Seriously, can a more profitable website pay less attention to type than this? Will someone please fix this so no one can say, “good design is not required to run a successful website?”

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