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Obama vs. Bush = No Contest. The websites, silly, not the election.

Ken @ January 21, 2009 # 2 Comments

Why do government and political websites always suck? Can a new administration reverse the trend? Yes it can. Ok, sorry. I’m already sick of that slogan too, but couldn’t help myself.

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The anti-Antypography.

Ken @ February 6, 2008 # One Comment

I created Antypography to help educate designers in a way that was hopefully different than just another web gallery of good/bad designs. Kyle Meyer, Elliot Jay Stocks and Rett Martin created Typesites with the same intent, but focusing on providing insightful critiques on well-crafted sites instead of ridiculing the mistakes of bad ones.Great idea. Great […]

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SE7EN : An oldie but goodie.

Ken @ January 1, 2008 # Comments Off on SE7EN : An oldie but goodie.

Seven was one of the first great modern movie title treatments with some creepy-yet-tasteful typography. Designed by Kyle Cooper, a pioneer in motion graphics who founded Imaginary Forces in 1996 with Peter Frankfurt and Chip Houghton.

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Toilet paper typography.

Ken @ December 26, 2007 # One Comment

All this bad type is making feel ill (especially that last one…yikes!). Nothing is more appropriate for a blog about bad typography than some good crap! Some poor unfortunate soul in the next stall is probably wondering where all the rolls went. “hey buddy…enough with the art project, little help?”x-posted from Swiss Miss.

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A simple experiment with typography.

Ken @ December 2, 2007 # One Comment

Visual artist, Paul Dersian elegantly demonstrates the use of letterforms as patterns.

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Excerpt from Joshua Smith’s site, Hydro 74.

Ken @ December 1, 2007 # One Comment

Joshua Smith is one of the few old-school typographers still working today. Don’t see too much hand-lettering like this anymore.Check out more of his work at Hydro 74.

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Web Typography Sucks.

Ken @ December 1, 2007 # Comments Off on Web Typography Sucks.

An excellent presentation on how to make web typography great.

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