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SE7EN : An oldie but goodie.

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SE7EN_smThis is old news to most, but definitely worth a mention on any blog talking about typography. Seven was one of the first great modern movie title treatments with some creepy-yet-tasteful typography. Designed by Kyle Cooper, a pioneer in motion graphics who founded Imaginary Forces in 1996 with Peter Frankfurt and Chip Houghton. Over the years, the firm has pumped out some of the most influential title treatments in history.Here’s a quote from Cooper taken from Digital Arts Online:

I’ve never hired anyone that hasn’t come with a background in graphic design and type. There’s a lot of individuals that are fine animators, and are making things that move nicely but if you go through it frame-by-frame, a lot of the compositions are ugly.

And another taken from an interview on Thunder Chunky when asked about comparisons to Saul Bass:

There is no question that Saul Bass is the father of film titles but Paul Rand was the father of American graphic design. Mr. Rand and my teachers at Yale did not hold up Saul Bass as a great designer. I think Saul Bass’s contribution is obvious and I love the later work he did with Martin Scorcese but by Rand’s standards Bass was not a typographer. I prefer the Westinghouse logo to the Minolta logo. The thing with Rand also was that he did everything with his own hand and I do not think as far as the logos go that was the case with Saul Bass. But again I do not consider myself worthy to be compared with either of these men but I will press on and hopefully get better.

The Nine Inch Nails soundtrack and eerie imagery add to the creep factor. Here’s the full trailer courtesy of YouTube »

Ken @ January 1, 2008

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